I enjoy reading.  I enjoy reading and writing about it….thus, I am part of the Thomas Nelson “Booksneeze” group – we read books and blog a review of them!

My latest book was Stephen Mansfield’s The Search for God & Guinness. This book provids a fascinating look into the history of beer and the Guinness company.  Mansfield draws the reader in with intriguing tales of the initial uses for beer, how its popularity grew, and more importantly how the Guinness company  was decades ahead in its excellent treatment of its employees. Mansfield writes- “…what distinguishes the Arthur Guinness story is not just that he brewed good beer and sold great amounts of it.  What distinguishes his story is that he understood his success as forming a kind of mandate, a kind of calling to a purpose of God beyond just himself and his family to the broader good he could do in the world.”

Overall, the book was good.  There were times when Mansfield dove deep into the history of various time periods and seemed to go on tangents that were not related to Guinness or beer.  However, overall, the reader is left with new information, a better sense of history, and a thirst for a taste of Guinness.


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