How do the days fly by so fast?  Zoom zoom zoom….

Here are a few snapshots of life at our home-

– Dean and I have known each other for almost 19 years, and will celebrate our 17th anniversary next week.  17 years together…..not sure how to comment on that, but 17 years…….wow.  I am so thankful.

– My daughter informed me of a secret tonight….all giggly and silly….and you know what it was?  People pass gas at least 14 times a day.  Ah, the hilarity of a child!

– Little Man (one of the doggies) was so intent on getting warm that he crawled into the sleeve of a fleece jacket that was sitting on the couch, and promptly got stuck.  His long little body was the arm, and his little nose was sticking out of one end, and his tail out of the other.

– Our family dreams of Saturdays on the beach now….with a warm wind, sand under our feet, and the wonderful smell and sound of the ocean.  Did we really live for 3 years on the beach?  Such a far far memory……

Just a small snapshot of our adventure!

One thought on “Zoom…

  1. This picture is auesome. You should submit it to a contest or stock photo company. What a way to tap that right brain.

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