The Cave

Do you ever have moments when you want to take your family, rush into the middle of no where and just settle. Away from the pressures of life. Away from the pressures of their peers. Away from bad decisions. Away from bad people. Away from busy-ness. Away from the many things that consume us that simply don’t matter. I call it my cave.

Often times when I hear bad news, or when I hear of struggles of friends or watch others make choices that are not wise, I start thinking of my cave. We’d be happy. We’d be self-sufficient. And, we’d have no influences but our own (again, this is MY cave, remember). Yet, what wouldn’t’ we have? Connection with the rest of our family. Connection with others to teach us and train us. Learning moments. And most importantly, we would not be the salt and light in the world.

“There is a reason why Jesus calls His disciples salt and light. We know that salt and light only make a difference when it makes contact. Salt can only preserve something that’s rotting when it makes contact with what it is that it’s rotting. You know, light can only shine in the darkness if it makes contact with the darkness. ”   Ed Stetzer

2 thoughts on “The Cave

  1. Chris, I feel that way a lot, especially as I think of the pressures my boys will face growing up and when I hear the horrible things that even young children’s eyes are opened to.

  2. My youth group was called S.A.L.T. and it stood for “Serving All and Living the Truth”. I think of that often when bad things arise and I want to close myself in my house.

    My youth pastor would give us an awesome lesson and then tell us,”You’ve just been asSALTed.” That has always stuck with me in a wonderful way.

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