30 Seconds

We have been watching some of the Winter Olympics.  The skill, the dedication, and the amazing physical prowess of so many of the athletes is stunning.  The thing that gets me every time, though, is the thought of how much time, energy, money, effort, sacrifices, and sweat have gone into their one shot at a medal.  How many things have they sacrificed and put off for a simple, yet complex, 30 seconds of the ‘performance of a life time?’  And, I always wonder when it is done – when the Olympics are over, do they ever wonder if it was worth it?  Do they ever regret sacrificing so much for 30 seconds of their life?
Then, I take it a bit further – how much time do I waste in the nonsensical earthly things that don’t matter and continually push away a time to chat with my Creator?  How much emotional and physical energy do I waste on the worrying and the fretting and the posturing and the puffing ‘up’-ing and the ego bossting that gets me no where.  It causes me heartache and headache, and all the while my Heavenly Father is waiting for me at the end of my exhaustion and selfishness, simply asking me to rest in Him, wait on Him and have the best 30 seconds of my life.

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