Meandering Thoughts

In our rush to get from one thing to the next, I often simply drive by those folks who are walking around in the downtown area of our city.  No need to stare, as I am sure they get enough grief for looking a bit different than the rest of us.  Their clothes aren’t as clean, their smell not as fresh, and simply the fact that they spend most of their day on a bench near the courthouse seems to set them apart of us.  We tend to put these people in another category and dismiss much thought.  Yet, today as I drove by I wondered if this is what this little boy or little girl dreamed of being when they were young?  What were their dreams?  Did they long to be a teacher and life dealt them a series of misfortunate events and now they teach the birds during the day, and talk to whoever will talk with them?  What about those who are parents?  Are they someone’s’ daddy or mommy and simply are unable to care for that child?  Do they wonder and long for their child?  Most convicting, though, is the fact that this person who I easily dismiss is loved by God, created by God for a purpose and is loved by his creator as much as I am.  Who am I, then, to dismiss that person?  Who am I to think I am better in any way?  Sure, there are circumstances and choices and consequences, but none of that excludes anyone from being loved, respected, and simply being treated as a fellow human being, created by a Creator and loved by a Creator.



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