"His Name Is Jesus" by Max Lucado – A review

I recently read Max Lucado’s book “His Name is Jesus.” Bound in a hard cover, and presented in a beautiful case, this book appeals to the reader from first glance. Once the pages are opened, the reader begins to discover a well- written account of the life of Jesus. Lucado presents the New Testament life of Jesus through simple, yet profound language, as well as beautiful graphics that further illustrate the powerful words. For someone reading the life and story of Jesus for the first time, or for someone who has been reading Scripture for years, Lucado writes “His Name is Jesus” in such a way that gives you a fresh insight into the words of Christ.

Sprinkled throughout the book are also powerful thoughts by Lucado that cause the reader to pause and truly reflect on what the Scripture said. For example, Lucado writes, “The world has never known a heart so pure, a character so flawless. His spiritual hearing was so keen He never missed a heavenly whisper. His mercy so abundant He never missed a chance to forgive. No lie left his lips, no distraction marred His vision. He touched when others recoiled. He endured when others quit.” Overall, this is an excellent book to keep as a “coffee table” book, or a book to give away to those wanting to know more about this man named Jesus.


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