So, here it is the middle of August and I finally am writing. It seems my life keeps spinning in directions that I didn’t expect, and then I spend my time racing to figure out how to ‘handle’ the spinning, only to have it change again! Three things have suffered as a result of this spinning – my writing, my blogging, and my reading.

I’ve had many thoughts and at least once per day I have thought -“oh, that would be a great blog post….” but alas, I never took the time to sit and write it.

Today, however, is a new day.

Schedules will begin soon in our house with the coming of the school year. It is always a ‘fresh’ time for me as I know I have a certain amount of hours per day where my children are at school and I can schedule life around these hours. Of course 100+ things are scheduled in this time, but that is another story.

This morning I awoke thinking of the responsibility that seems to ever increase as my children grow older. It is quite a fallacy that “when you children go to school, you can work full time and don’t really have to ‘take care’ of them anymore as you did when they were not self sufficient.” It is impressed upon me daily, it seems, that my actions and my availability when they are home is so so important. Yes, the hours are freer during the day so that I can work, but when I am home, I must be ‘home’ – mentally, physically, emotionally – and be 125% ready to hear about their day – their trials, their struggles, be their friend, be their encourager, be that unconditional love, and be the one that directs them to the One who will never leave them – their Heavenly Father.

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