A Review of "The Noticer" by Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews latest book, The Noticer, tells the story of a man named Jones and the people he helps. He teaches them about perspective and also teaches the reader how important it is to notice the little things of life.

Andrews takes the reader on an interesting journey through the stages of life. We meet a young man struggling with life and the unmet expectations he has experienced. We meet a couple on the brink of divorce. We meet an older lady who feels that she has lived past her usefulness. We meet a gentleman in the throes of depression. We meet some young folks who are contemplating marriage and want to know how to avoid the inevitable divorce it seems everyone reaches. We meet a young workaholic who cuts corners to make a profit and has begun to realize the ramifications of a bad reputation. Jones appears in each of their lives at a pivotal point and helps direct their path toward a better and fresh perspective on the circumstances of their life.

The story is entertaining and certainly teaches the value of having the right perspective on things, as well as paying attention to the little details in everyday life. The reader walks away with a greater appreciation of the ‘small stuff’ of life and how getting it right in the small stuff can have a great impact on our perspective of the bigger picture.


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