A Movie Review – Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure

Hermie and his friends are on another adventure. This movie is geared toward the younger crowd (10 and under), but was fun for the whole family to enjoy.

A famous adventurer, Sinclair M. Skeeto, the Third., is coming to visit his brother Skeeter and his friends. Skeeter has always been jealous of Sinclair because of his straight stinger. Sinclair, though, has always been envious of Skeeter’s wings. In this adventure to find the lost treasure, the brothers learn to be thankful for their uniqueness. And, by working together, they solve the mystery and realize that God does not make mistakes when He creates things.

The movie includes a nice intro and conclusion from the creator of the animation – Max Lucado. He reminds the viewer of the Biblical truth behind the story. John O’Hurley and Tim Conway are the voices for the main characters and are a joy to listen to. The movie also includes a short clip entitled “Hermie’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes” which is quite humorous. The bonus features are educational to watch and include how the movie was made, as well as questions reviewing the story-line.

Overall, it was refreshing to watch a movie that was not only entertaining, but educational and founded in Biblical truth.


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