An Invitation to Risk

I recently read a book about relationships/God/life…you get the point. The author, Rob Bell, had some interesting points that made you ponder a few moments to first, think if it was accurate according to Scripture, and second, to wonder why you had never thought of it that way!

One of my favorite sub-titles was “An invitation to risk”. The risk we are taking is in relationships. We risk a bit of ourselves when we begin a new relationship with someone. We wonder if they will still be our friend once they get to know us? If we share who we really are, will they still like us? Do we risk? Do we risk that relationship as we get to know them more and maybe, just maybe, have to love them through some tough times? And even scarier is the risk we take in developing that relationship and thinking that all is well, when suddenly the other person decides the maintenance of the friendship isn’t worth it and simply walks away. Most likely we are not blameless in the ‘walking away’, but usually we are clueless to the inevitable end it seems to be heading toward.

Relationships are a risk in so many areas, but isn’t that what Christ did? He truly risked it all to seek out a relationship with humanity, and how many times do I want to step away from the relationship when times are tough, or when I don’t like the adventure He is taking me on? Yet, His love doesn’t change, His desire to know me doesn’t change, and ultimately my desire to cling to Him in those times, once I get through the risk factor, is heightened. In the end, the relationship is deeper and the trust is greater.

Thus, the invitation to risk will continue and I will continue to step out and risk, trusting my heart ultimately to the One who risked it all for me.


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