Just thoughts

I am often surprised how a simple song, a certain smell, or even a piece of clothing can elicit such memories. There is one song I hear than immediately takes me back to the airplane, flying from Nairobi to Amsterdam. In my mind, I am there when I hear this song and if I close my eyes, I almost feel like i am there as well and have to remind myself that I am not.

There is another song that immediately brings me back to when I was dating Dean and we were apart for the summer – he in Alaska and me in California. I spent many hours on the lifeguard stand at the camp in California and each time this song comes on, I am there on the stand, dreaming of Dean.

There is a shirt that I haven’t worn for 2 years – not because it doesn’t fit, but because of the significance of what happened the last time I was wearing it.

There are many smells that draw memories- a certain candle reminds me of the time Dean killed a mouse in the wall of our home in Wake Forest, and you can imagine what smells happen to a dead mouse in the wall for a few days.

Isn’t our Lord good to give us 5 senses to remember things? Yet, I must remember to “be” where I am. I am where I am and where the Lord needs me to be, and as a Jim Elliot quote goes, we must “BE present” wherever we are.


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