My special plant

I received a Christmas cactus as a parting gift when we finished up our Motherwise Bible study in Raleigh. The year – 2003. I do not have a green thumb and tend to kill anything that is green, no matter how much care I give it.

This cactus was a special gift to me and has lived through 5 moves….being left out in the frozen cold…..being “pruned” twice and I thought for sure it was D-E-A-D.

2 years ago, it bloomed and I was so excited – I didn’t kill it!! Then, last year it never bloomed. So, my hopes were low for this year, as I had to prune it again at the end of the summer when things were looking bleak.

But, guess what! It is Christmas and somehow, someway, it knows it is time to bloom. And, it has bloomed. This year is a different color than the blooms 2 years ago.

Such sweet memories this plant brings me. It reminds me of the time when my children were 1, 3, and 5. It reminds me of the ministry that Judy and I poured into in Raleigh, but that ministry is no longer there. It was for a season, just as this plant blooms for a season and the rest of the year leaves me wondering if it’ll bloom again!


One thought on “My special plant

  1. Your special plant looks great, Chris. It is God’s glory and provision for even an “insignificant” part of His creation. Love, MOM Meints

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