Wondering Wednesday

Our girls came home today to tell us that they had a Code 700 drill. “Really,” I said. “What is that?” I then heard in great detail how they learned what to do if there was an intruder/gunman at the school, how they let the police know they were okay, what would happen if they opened the door, etc. I thought to myself – “wow – what ever happened to just a simple tornado drill.” It makes me sad to think that preparing for an evil intruder is a part of life in school now. The girls and I discussed it some more and then we prayed that they would never be a part of any situation where they would need to use their “code 700” skills.


So, is it just me, or does anyone else think it is absolutely insane, almost bordering on “way too far out there” as to how much money the candidates are spending? They say Obama is paying 3-5 million tonight for 30 minutes of primetime airtime. Does anyone think about how THAT could help the economic crisis? The poverty in many 3rd world countries? Heck, that is probably almost their years budget in some places. Many countries YEARLY individual income equals to $30 in American money. I just don’t understand how someone, on either side, can spend that much money simply advertising themselves. If they were “worthy” of the candidacy, shouldn’t that show up in their character? Shouldn’t it show up in how they have proven themselves in the past? Shouldn’t it be something that money can’t buy?

Ah, just my two cents tonight….


2 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesday

  1. Actually, spending all that money helps the television stations who are struggling to get revenue. So, in a weird way, it did help.

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