Meandering Monday

Just another Monday here, but it was not as rushed as some Monday’s and for that I am thankful. The girls and I were having a discussion in the car today and it dawned on me that my youngest daughter will be 8 next year. 8…..8…..and i am still trying to buy her 5/6 clothes……Case in point – we went shopping at a local sale this weekend and the pants I picked out for my OLDEST daughter fit my youngest.

What happened? Where did that time go? And, did I cherish it? Wish it away? Dread going through it? I certainly hope not, yet I know time will only continue to speed forward and I need to hold on tight – hold on to the moments with my children, hold on to my Savior and continually seek wisdom in all situations, hold on to my husband as these days zoom by and we hardly spend time together, and hold on to my own sanity and make sure I keep time to stay sane!

And to you, my friends – Hold on and cherish……

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