Just in case you ever wondered….

Do you ever have one of those days where you think “this has to only happen to me…” So that you don’t feel so alone, let me give you a glimpse into my morning….it is only 6:30 am….

Today was the big day to take my daughter and parents to the airport, which is an hour from our house. The day begins at 4 with my alarm NOT going off, but thankfully someone was up so that woke me up. Then, my husband asks if I have checked the pressure in the tires…no. He goes to check and tells me the PSI is at 5. Hum. So, he fills it up with our little portable air compressor. Then, we are off! I, however, really only have enough gas to get there. My day was crazy the day before and I did not have a moment to fill up with gas. So, we are going and going and going and of course, I take the wrong way on the Interstate. So, instead of heading to the airport i am headed to Raleigh! Thankfully I realized it only after going over the huge bridge. So, we turn around. We arrive at the airport and all goes smoothly for check in. My daughter and i rush in a cup of hot chocolate as the grandparents anxiously await going through security. We both cry and i watch my oldest daughter go on a trip for the very first time on an airplane, and without her parents. Now, that in itself is traumatic enough! 🙂

I leave the airport, charging my dollar fee to my bank card since my daughter had all the cash (is this a sign of things to come??). I find a gas station, which is only $0.30 more than the 10 I passed already that were closed……I finally get to the exit I need for coffee and take the wrong one…finally turn around and make it to Panera, which happens to just have opened. Yeah! I order my coffee and bagel, and wouldn’t you know it – I spill the coffee all over the bagel on my tray.

So, we will call my day one of those that I will remember for a little while, if not only for all of the “ughs” but also for watching my daughter go on her own (even though she is with grandma and grandpa). It is a new adventure for all of us, and in some ways it is the beginning of what we have prepared her for in all the years gone by.

So the next time you have one of “those” days, just know I feel your pain!!

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