Absolutely NOT my favorite place…

So as you know, we are in smaller town. With that being said, the largest and most efficient way to shop is at the Super Walmart. I have tried – I really have – to be open minded about it. But, enough is enough. I can now say I extremely extremely dislike that place. Whether it be for their work practices, their hiring policies, their quality, or just their bad lighting…….. i don’t like it. There are few choices in this town, with Walmart being on top of the classy places to go. But, I AM DONE. I have now begun the official count on this blog of how many days I can go without shopping at Walmart, even if that means going without, or waiting a week to go up to Target and Harris Teeter, which ironically enough are cheaper for me.

You see, I am a bargain hunter and coupon shopper. I shop according to the ads and can shop at Harris teeter for less than Walmart. The key is being able to plan our meals around what is on super-duper sale at HT. If you shop there randomly or just run in to get a few things, it isn’t cheaper. BUT I am a woman on a mission and a woman with a plan.

And do you know what strikes me as the funniest? Every day i hear at least one woman tell me, or another woman, how much she hates Wal-mart but still goes because there are no other options. Maybe I’ll begin to petition Target………


2 thoughts on “Absolutely NOT my favorite place…

  1. oh, i’m so jealous! you have a harris teeter! i loved that store. we shopped there when we lived in franklin (suburb of nashville) tennessee. man, still miss it!p.s. i’m not a fan of walmart either. makes me crazy to go there. i too will go to target or anywhere eles actually, when given the choice. even if i CAN’T get stuff cheaper! 🙂

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