Many times I have wanted to post and many times those thoughts left me. So, we will call this randomness….a few random thoughts…..


The political season is upon us and it has been quite interesting now that Sarah P. is in the race. On either side of the ticket, it always adds a bit of American politics to it when there is something unexpected. So, I look forward to what is to come. My vote for the November ticket has already been decided and we will see who the Lord puts into power. Either way, He will direct the channels of their heart, and the results of their leadership.


People still surprise me at times. I think as I have gotten older I thought I would understand more, but rather I think I have begun to just understand that so many things aren’t understandable…they just are. And, my choice is how I react to it. Do I get mad? Do I get bitter? Do I rant and rave and bite back? Or, do I turn the other cheek? Do I let it go and move on? The right thing to do is always the right thing to do, but sometimes it is hard to do it when my mind is screaming at me to get mad and get even!! Maybe one day I will be one of those people who humbly always replies in the right tone with the right response, but there is such truth in the response that when the other person thinks about it, they realize it is equivalent to a verbal smack!


I hope to post more. I want to record my thoughts. I know most of the time they will probably be serious, but so it goes. Rarely can I complete a thought around here without someone interrupting me, so I will consider this my place to complete my thoughts. And, if they go on and on, then so be it!!

One thought on “Randomness

  1. A complete thought…GEE. I left most of my thoughts somewhere in the past, hoping they will realize they’re lost and will want to find me one day. Love, MOM

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