I have had so many posts written in my head, but they never seem to make it to my fingers to type onto the computer! And, of course, when I finally sit down and tell myself that I am going to write about this or that, I lose all inspiration!!!

I recently read in a book by Gary Thomas entitled Sacred Parenting. This is an excellent book that causes many moments of ‘I never thought about it that way.’

One of these thoughts included being famous. I am unsure how I came to think that I would one day be famous, but maybe somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted recognition for something great I had done, or something great I will one day do. So, my day to day aspirations, whether consciously or subconsciously, would often in some way lean toward this goal – being recognized for something by someone!

When I read the following statements by Thomas, I paused. Thomas pointed out that “only one in ten billion of us will ever be remembered by history. There will always be the occasional Cleopatras and Napoleons recalled by later generations, but of the billions of people alive on earth today, less than one-half of one percent will be remembered 200 years from now.” He goes on a bit about percentages and chances of being famous/remembered, and then makes the following profound statement (at least profound for me):

“When I embrace my historical insignificance, I am set free to concentrate on very real – and eternal – relational significance. I matter to my wife (husband). I am very important to my children. I have secure standing as an adopted son (daughter) of the Most High God. These are the relationships on which I want to focus my life. This is where I want to spend my energy.”

Wow. May that encourage you in your walk with our Savior and encourage you in your day to day walk, spending time and energy on those things of most importance.


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