A Funny at the Library

Okay – before I write this out you need to know I am not making fun of anyone. This is just something that happened at the library and it was rather funny to me considering the circumstances.

There is a section at our library that is along one wall that has all the new books. I went over to browse and there was a gentleman in the middle shelving area, holding what looked to be a cane. On the other side of him was another woman, and so I began looking to the left of this gentleman. The area was big enough for all three of us.

Just as I begin to scan, the gentleman steps to his left and slides himself directly in front of me – between me and the books. He seems oblivious that I am there. I think “what, am I invisible??”. I then look down at the ‘cane’ and it looks like a cane, but a special one. It looked like the “walking stick” type cane a blind person uses. So, for one brief moment I think “Oh, he can’t see me so of course he didn’t know I was there.” But, think about that for a minute. What is wrong with this picture??

If he can’t see me, how in the world is he looking at the books?


2 thoughts on “A Funny at the Library

  1. Now this is puzzling, Chris. Did you “politely” step out of the way? Or ask him if he needed any help in finding a book? 🙂 One just has to wonder about some people. MOM Meints

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