An update

Yes, major lack of posting. But, a few tips for you I learned from packing and cleaning an entire 2000 square foot house….

(1) The ABC store has fantastic boxes. You only need to tape the top when you are done, as they are well put together since they usually hold liquor!

(2) 409 Cleaner is the way to go. I took layers and layers of dirt off of the bathroom floor and kitchen with a mixture of 409 and water.

(3) The trick to keeping that dirt up was to use a rag to dry the spot with that I just 409’d. I realized all those other times I had mopped and let the water dry on its own, I essentially just put another layer of dirt on there.

(4) The other fantastic thing was using a sponge that had one soft side and another “no scratch” rougher side. Amazing what a mixture of 409 and this sponge did.

(5) Clorox 4 in 1 was great for the bathrooms. It not only took the scum off, the mildew off, but also left a shine. During our walk through, the landlord said she had never seen the shower that clean (it has an old plastic/glass type door on it).

(6) It is a completely valid excuse to keep your child home from school to help you clean, especially when she loves to do it!

(7) If your kids can put things in a box and distinguish breakable from non-breakable, then they can pack their own room.

(8) Another thing about kids – they are closer to the baseboards than you are, so let them polish the baseboards with Pledge and your floors and walls will look twice as clean.

(9) Forget paper towles and forget anything but name brand glass cleaner. The only thing that worked for us was Glass Plus and newspaper to wipe it off. No streaks.

(10) And finally, it is truly a gift to the next person buying/renting your home when you leave it cleaner than the way you found it. Consider it an aspect of your witness of who you are in Christ.


One thought on “An update

  1. Sounds to me like “Fly Lady” took control of the situation and pressed on to perfection. 🙂 Love, Mom Meints

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