The thing I don’t like to do

So, with this impending move, you would think I should get all of our files in order. You know, I need to file away the credit card statements, bank statements, etc. etc. However, there is just one thing I don’t like to do – file. I don’t mind filing work related things, but stuff in regards to our home I seem to have a mental block on. I just pile it here, and then pile it there, and then repile it there. I am not sure what my deal is, but never the less, it has always been that way. I am a fairly organized person, so consider this my little quirk!

Now – the funny part. So, I decided to just sit down and do the filing so it would all be done when we move. I gather the papers from three separate piles and begin to sort. We have three filing cabinets, each organized differently. Alas, I open one of the drawers and guess what file is staring at me ? The file that says “Need to file.” Ah HA! Saved from filing…. I promptly file all of my papers into the “need to file” file, shut the drawer and I am done!!! yipppeeeee (for today…) 🙂

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