Another Book

I just finished reading the book Escape by Carolyn Jessop. What a fascinating, appalling and revealing book. The book is about a woman who was in the FLDS and “escaped” with her 8 children. The timeliness of reading it after the recent raid on the FLDS camp in Texas made it even more compelling, as this woman was there at that compound. I won’t give away the whole book, but I must say I couldn’t put it down, as it seemed to get stranger and more extreme as the book went on.

One of the main “take aways” from the book for me was the fact that no one and no thing can replace what the word of God says. The Bible contains the truth – not a human’s interpretation or a good non-fiction book. It is the Bible. Our ladies group just studied the book “Moving Beyond the Myths” by Jan Silvious and her tag line throughout the book was

“Where is it written?”

Where does the Bible say that? Where do you get that philosophy from? If you can’t back it up with the whole of Scripture – not just a verse out of context- then I am not sure you are speaking a truth.

On another note, we are in the process of moving from one state to another. The move has been on the horizon for about the past 6 months, so it is good to finally be closer to the end. However, as this end gets closer, my time of quietness and quirkiness seems to be farther and farther apart. I look forward to being in our new home with my own office/desk and enjoying the quiet again.

One thought on “Another Book

  1. Dear “Q” -Didn’t you love that book by Carolyn Jessup? Very compelling, and sobering. As you mentioned, such horrible distortion of quasi-biblical truth often innoculates them against the gospel. But nothing is impossible with God! All the more reason to be “women of the Word”! love you, D

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