Hanging Around

I am still hanging around. I think often of what to write and it is always serious! My DH often tells me that I need a little adventure in my life, or I need to go out there and do something fun. I then tell him that he takes enough risks for the both of us playing goalie for an ice hockey team and surf kayaking….

In that same thought, though, I think of funny things I want to write about, and then I am at a loss. I do laugh during the day, but mainly at the antics of my children. They are funny, but it is all in the moment and the context of what is going on in our life.

A funny story from the past – we were talking one afternoon about movies and I mentioned that the girls were fine watching G movies with their friends, or when they were over at someones house. But, if it was a PG movie, I needed to know about it and see if it was appropriate or not. My youngest then said – “so, you mean we just have to wear our PJ’s to watch a movie? ” She was so serious and at that time, she pronounced her nighttime clothing as “peejees.” So, movie time was simply sit and watch it in her play clothes, or watch it in her pajamas. Ah, if life were only that simple.


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