Books- Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 below, be sure to read it before you read this post.

Where did we leave off? Our main character was at a cross roads. And, what was her choice? As you probably figured out, she chose to stay away from her family and take the attraction one step further…….and had an affair. She “re-discovered” herself in his arms and her family was far far away in her mind.

Now, the next real conflict is about to occur. What is she going to do when her family gets back? Is this going to be a once in a lifetime ‘oops’ or is this now who she is?

Her husband and sons return home early from their trip to Disney to surprise her. She has changed, but no one is aware of the affair. In my mind, there is still hope for the family. They can realize their differences, reconcile them, save their marriage and their family. The ‘troubles’ to begin with were not so dreadful that they could not be overcome. Instead, though, she chooses to get out of the marriage, raise her sons on her own and a month later she meets up with her ex-husband and he already has a girlfriend. Her suave young man ended the affair and got married to his pregnant girlfriend.

Yes- quick ending, but by the time I read the author’s final pages, I was about to throw the book. I was amazed at how so many other things were never addressed? Lets see – mainly the children! There is no comment on the effect of this on them. Secondly, the author has taken selfishness to another level. It was all about the main character and (gasp) how she has sacrificed so much as a mom and husband and now it was her turn to be who she wanted to be – irregardless of who it affected. Thirdly, there is never an idea portrayed that marriage is a permanent thing. If it doesn’t ‘fit’ your lifestyle anymore, than it is okay to get out.

I know this is a fiction book, but I was surprised at how far from reality this book was. Is this what our culture now believes? And, how can anyone live in that state of “well, if I find someone else who meets my needs more than this person, then I can get out of the marriage.” Most of all, though, i think what disturbed me the most was how the author used some truth in creating this story. Does every woman enjoy being complimented or found attractive? Yes, and every man for that matter. Does every woman married for 15 years with 2 children have moments of ‘ahhhhh- what happened to me??’ Yes, and most men probably do as well. Does every woman sometimes wish she could take a break for just a couple of days from her life? Most likely. But, many of those women also realize the gifts they have been given in a husband who loves them, and children they have been blessed with. When those things are forgotten, the worldly ways so easily entice and our perspective can become so skewed. They are baby steps to a life of twisted truths and it is a daily decision to keep your eyes on the One who is all truth and all good, even in those moments of ‘ahhhh’.

Thanks for listening to my quirky moment for the week… 🙂


One thought on “Books- Part 2

  1. Dearest daughter, I love reading your “quirky moments.” Nice overview, observations, and interpretations. Keep them coming. Love, MOM Meints

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