Books – Part 1

I have been writing this post for a while in my head and each time it gets longer… I am going to try and make it as concise as possible. 🙂

First, let me tell you I love to read. My degree is in English, but not because of my love of classic literature – it is due to my fascination with grammar and sentence structuring. Needless to say, though, I love to read books that entertain and enlighten, not necessarily ones that I can mark off as “I read a classic.” With that in mind, my checklist for a good book includes one that is engaging quickly, does not have too many plot lines going at the same time, little or no vulgar language, and maybe one or two romance scenes. If it is Christian fiction – great. If it is a mystery without too much violence and gore – great. If it is a “beach read” – great. I have read enough books I don’t like to say way too many times – “I need to write a book!”

Now you have the background of me and my mental choices for a book. Thus, I faced a dilemma on our recent trip out of town. Play off hockey is on tv right now, so that means my evenings are not full of conversation with DH, rather they usually include a good book. So, here we were in another town where I could not check out a book to read and I had to buy one and buy one at a cheap price, as the likelihood is very high that I will only read this once and then give it away. So, after many many perusals through the used book store, I chose one. The back page summary of the book gave the plot line as a woman in a type of middle age crisis and several events were occurring in her life that made her question who she was and where she wanted to go. It sounded good and met my mental checklist – not much language, a little romance, a bit of mystery, and definitely an easy read.

I spent the next two days reading this book, anxiously trying to get to the end to see how the “conflict” was resolved……..What, you ask, was the story really about? Essentially, the woman had been married for 15 years and had 10 year old twin boys. The marriage had fizzled a bit and there wasn’t much communication between the spouses. In an effort to become a family again, the woman planned a big trip to Disney for a month (A MONTH!!) for the family to bond. At the last minute and due to way too many details to include for you, she was unable to go and sent her husband and kids on ahead with the intention of joining them a few days later. Fast forward a few chapters, and the woman has now randomly met a handsome, suave younger man who tells her she is beautiful. Clearly, there is an attraction, but clearly, she is married. However, there is an enticement and she still is unable to break away to join her family at Disney. Here is the point of conflict for her – go with her feelings and what the culture says would be cool, or join her family at Disney. After all, in her mind her husband only needs her to organize his life and remember where things are, and her boys only need her to resolve their conflicts. Here, however, is a young attractive man who finds her beautiful, unique, and is attracted to who she is, not what she can do for him. What should she do….?

And, for that, you’ll have to stay tuned for the next post! :):):)


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