As some of you know, i was privileged to go to Kenya last year. It was an amazing trip – one that I do not think I realized the importance of until returning and processing. When our team left Kenya, I had the hope/expectation that i would be returning again on our churches’ next trip. Due to varying circumstances, our church will not be making the trip and our life is changing some that the opportunity to do this again may be a long ways away.

These last few days I have been thinking about those I met in Kenya. Many do not have electricity, much less internet or postal service. Thus, essentially when I left their presence in Kenya, I left all communication with them. This was a hard thing to grasp for me as I knew the Lord went before us, and I knew He placed people in my path with whom I “clicked” with, yet I also realized that when I left, I would never hear from them or talk to them again.

Many times this week I have wondered why, then, I even met these people if there was heartache in the end for me as I would never know how a situation turned out, or how school went that year, or if they even were able to grow enough corn that year. Yet, I am reminded in a small silent way that I may be the only person that ever prays for that person. I have been struck over and over as an adult how many people I meet in my daily life in America who do not have anyone in their life who is a Christian, or anyone in their life who has ever said “I will pray for you” to them. So then, I must take my time of longing for simple communication with those I met in Kenya and turn that into a prayer for them.

Our Lord knows them more intimately than I will ever know and when I begin to go down the route of “poor me – I will never see them again. I wonder if….I wonder why….. I wonder….” I will say a prayer for them, lifting up all of those thoughts to Him who sees, who was, who is, and who always will be.


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