A Thought for Today

I think we have all struggled with what we think the Lord’s will is in a situation. I remember as a little girl wishing God would send down to me a list of what was going to happen to me and when so that I knew what to expect! And, ironically enough, I still wish those things – not necessarily what God would have me do, rather a list what others expect or need of me so that I can check them off when they are complete!! In my life, things are so much better with lists!!

While listening to the Bible, the commentator relayed the following statement from his pastor:

“You can sense you are in the will of God when there is effortless promotion; when you are being obedient and things are happening that are out of your personal manipulation – beyond the brass ring that you are after.”

I immediately thought of the many things I have strived for and never attained. Looking back, I knew they were selfish ambitions and not what the Lord would have for me. I can also look back at the times in my life, and in the life of those closest to me, when I have seen God clearly exalt them. It was not something they manipulated to get/receive, rather they were obedient and at His time, they were exalted. It is awe-inspiring to watch. And, so humbling to know that He cares that much about me to work out so many of those details. To God be the glory.

One thought on “A Thought for Today

  1. “Effortless” promotion…things just fall into place and the “unexpected” happens! From one who will probably die with a list in her hand! MOM M.

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