Not a G Rated Post…

As many of you know, I enjoy listening to Fox News on the XM radio in the car, as well as watch it during my workouts at the gym. Lately, the news has been full of sex. Who has had sex with whom? Who has not had sex? And now even, how many had sex together? And, the list goes on…..

This morning I heard one commentator make a statement similar to the following:

“With all of this news and information about everyone having affairs, I am starting to feel as if there is something wrong with my marriage if one of us isn’t having an affair.”

Now, that is my summary of what she said and not a direct quote, but oh how sad it is. Between our media and our culture, we are beginning to change what a normal marraige is! I am the first to admit that I enjoy watching some of the nightly shows that are so far from any type of reality in my life that I can enjoy them. A recurring theme that seems to happen in every show, no matter who the audience, is that either the man or the woman has an affair. And, in most cases, in some strange way the viewer does not find it offensive. We think: “She has been neglected by her husband,” or “He is ignored by his wife and has needs.” Then, the sin of the affair and its’ inevitable consequences are lightened and it is all okay for the momentary ‘happiness’ that it brings. No one ever mentions the dashed trust, the hopeless feeling that even the illicit sex didn’t fulfill, and, far from it all to mention the effect on any children.

So, what is the point of all of this, aside from my own venting? In many ways I could take the higher road and say – “oh, that is the world we live in..all those ‘other’ people have problems like that.” Yet, as life continues on, we see these things filter from the Hollywood culture to our government to our churces and to our neighborhoods. So, instead of glossing it over, I must say I feel warned. I must guard my own marriage, I must guard my relationships, and most of all I must pray moment by moment to keep my focus on our Lord. I am often astounded at my own tendency to so easily be enticed by sin, but Lord, by Your grace, keep me from becoming entangled in it.

One thought on “Not a G Rated Post…

  1. “Guarding” is the key word here, dearest daughter. “Always on the alert” for the enemy’s subtle attacks. MOM M.

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