15 years….

15 years ago my dear husband and I were married. It was a very windy day in Arkansas, but we really didn’t care. Our family and friends were there and the day finally had arrived. I am thankful for the past 15 years, as well as the 3 children the Lord has given us along the way.

Someone asked me recently if I thought 15 years were any different than 10 years. It required a bit of thought, as 5 years ago, the children were all 5 years younger and life was such a different pace than it is now. How is it different? I must say in a good way it is different – the love is deeper, our maturity is greater in how we treat each other and those around us, and most of all we are both 5 years deeper into our adventure with Christ. As we each develop our relationship with our Savior, our relationship as a husband and wife inevitably deepens. Now, just so you know I am not painting some false rosy pictures, I think often times our “discussions” are harder as there are many things that, after 15 years, you assume your spouse knows. And, having to rehash some of the same things again and again has a tendency to frustrate me more than it used to. But, on the same token, I have tried, and prayed, and tried (not necessarily in that order…) to not be as sensitive. That, however, is still a work in progress! Check back next year……

One thought on “15 years….

  1. I’ve made a note on my calendar to check back with you next year to get an update about the 16th year of marriage! -:) CONGRATULATIONS! Love, MOM M.

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