A Thought for the Day

In my daily Bible listening , we are reading through the book of Numbers. I must say, I am learning things I never realized were in the Bible. An example? How about Numbers, Chapter 5. Did you know that if a husband suspected his wife of an affair, they could go to the priest for the ‘jealousy’ offering? The man would tell the priest his suspicion and the woman was to drink a type of holy water. If she was innocent, then the water tasted good and she would soon have children. If, however, she did have an affair, the water would taste bitter, her womb would shrivel and her stomach would protrude. Yikes….

On a bit of a lighter note…..I was reminded as the Israelite continued their journey out of Egypt that they were asked to trust the Lord daily for not only their food, but also for their direction. The Lord led them by His presence in a cloud over the Tabernacle. The people were able to see this cloud during the day, as well as during the night as it was ablaze with fire. The key point of all of this is that the people were not to concern themselves with where the cloud was going to be the next day, or how long they were staying there. The Lord simply asked for their trust and obedience and He would direct them to their promised land.

How apt this lesson is for me today. I cannot let the fear of “What If’s” take over my thoughts, nor can I miss today because I am too busy for the event of the future that may or may not come. Once again, the Lord reminded me to dwell. Dwell in His presence and trust in Him. He sees the big picture and I need to seek Him moment by moment for direction and just follow Him. Follow His leading. Follow His path for my life.


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