Welcome to the first post! I know you are asking yourselves – why did I name this “Quiet and Quirky?”

Quiet – In our home things are not quiet for long, but when they are my mind goes wild thinking, observing, and absorbing the world aroud me. Oftentimes, the thoughts are fleeting and if I do not write them down, they are gone. For example, in my quiet moment today I listened to The Daily Audio Bible The reading was from Psalm 46. And, what did I hear? I heard that God can be our place to hide; He fights for us; He protects us. The reader of the Psalm, Brian, made the following comment:

“The deeper I get into this life of Faith, the more I learn that it is definitely not about me, but that I play an important role, and what a place of peace to live there.”

QuirkyDictionary.com says that a quirk is

(1) a peculiarity of behavior or idiosyncrasy; (2) an unpredictable or unaccountable act or event; (3) a sudden sharp turn or twist.

I don’t know about you, but my life is often that way. Things do not proceed as I would presume to be normal, rather there is a sudden twist, an unpredictable event, or some peculiar behavior (usually by me!) How about this week – what was quirky this week? To be honest, this week was my mood (yes, I am aware that it is only Tuesday). I am humming along, thankful for many things and then I am struck with this melancholy and this ‘poor me’ attitude. Unfortunately for my family and friends, when these moods hit, I tend to be less than patient. The children run for cover into their rooms and my DH (dear husband) tends to watch and play a little more hockey. Possibly, this is why i was struck by the observations from Pslam 46 this morning – it is not about me, nor will it ever be about me, but it is about my Savior, my God, my Lord, my King, and my Friend. THAT is where I need to dwell – in that place of peace.

I enjoy writing and I hope to put many of my thoughts down on this blog. In the end, even if I and my husband are the only two to read it, well…..we can say he is much more knowledgeable of the female mind then! 🙂 I look forward to sharing life with you.


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Ooh, first comment! You can add me to the list of readers. I am so excited. I love reading your family blog, but I know sometimes you need a place that is just for you. I can’t wait to read more!Love you!

  2. Yeah mamajenn! You were part of the inspiration. I love reading your blog, as well as linking to all the others on your site.

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