We have heard this song on our XM radio quite a bit, but could never find it on itunes – until today! The song is called “Hush” by a Christian Group called Inhabited. It is awesome and the girls love to sing it. For a while, we couldn’t figure out the words. But, now we have…. 😉 “Hush” is referring to all those voices in our head, and in our society telling us to be one way or another that goes against what God tells us to be/do/say. The chorus of the song says “Where my girls at – let me here you if you don’t care.” Now, let me tell you – the first time we heard this I am thinking…..hum – not going to listen to who?? But, after reading the words, what an awesome message for all the girls out there. Be who God wants you to be, and do as He says, for His way is perfect – always has been, and always will be, even in the midst of our lack of understanding.

Here is a clip from Sarah, the author and lead singer of the song.

One thought on “Hush

  1. Love the song! I think I found my new favorite group. We won’t talk about the implications that my 10, 8 and 6 yr old nieces love the same group. We will just say that it means I’m still “hip” and “with it”!!

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